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      Packaging film puncher

      橡塑 2021-06-14 16:24:10 2270 0 文章出自:鯉城區翔飛機械裝配廠

      The plastic packaging film is rounded by the mechanical device, the hole spacing and the aperture size are uniform, the needle tip height is uniform, the aperture size (self-adjusting) and the hole arrangement are customized as needed, and the perforated film is widely used in bread, food, flowers Packaging materials such as medical beauty, desiccant packaging, deoxidizer packaging and punching, and industrial perforated and breathable products cover the punching field of many industries. Quanzhou Xiangfei Machinery provides high standard and high quality punching for different plastic packaging film materials. Equipment.
      Equipment structure: tension control unwinding device, heating pin roller punching device, output device, correcting deviation and automatic winding. High production efficiency, simple operation, adjustment Convenient. The machine, electricity and gas are integrated and the design is perfect.
      The main technical parameters:
      1: power supply 380v
      2: Production line speed: ≥60m/min
      3: Power: 12.7 kW [3.7kw variable frequency speed regulation, 9kw heating constant temperature]
      4: Product Specifications: Series
      5: Dimensions 3x1.5x1.8m [length × width × height]
      6: Weight 2 tons
      Quanzhou Xiangfei Machinery Factory

      No. 48, Wuta Lane, West Street, Quanzhou, Fujian, China

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